Cow Families

RJY Signature 5W

This Power Drive X Signature 19L daughter is extremely sound structured, great feet and an exceptional udder.  We can’t say enough about the Power Drive daughters, they are producers.  Each of her daughters have been retained in our herd, she is now in our embryo program.

- Homo Polled and Homo Black
- Exportable Embryo's Available

RJY Joy's First Date 1W

First Date has been a great one from day one and a perfect example of why cow families are so important to us. We look forward to her production, I am glad we raised her as we would have never been able to afford her!

- Homozygous Polled
- Exportable Embryo's Available

Thank you to North Hill Simmentals for purchasing this donor


Here is a female that is a bull producer.  Each of her sons has been at the top of their contemporary group.  The dam of RJY Chrome 6B, Doubledate has the phenotype, udder soundness and ability to consistently produce bulls with muscle and performance.


This red baldy female was purchased at Canadian Western Agribition 2013 and has performed each year since.  She is moderate in frame, easy doing and very strong maternally.  She is the dam of our junior herdsire - RJY Casino 11C

- Exportable Embryo's Available

Signature Red is the only red daughter of our Foundation cow JDN Prairie Signature 19L. She has tremendous length and volume.  This matron  is making a name for herself in the red side of our herd.  She has daughters that have sold to Iowa and Sasktachewan.

- Exportable Embryo's Available
- Homozygous Polled

SS Ebony's Dream Date

Our search for great females always seemed to end up at Ebony’s Joy. After some time we have added a daughter to our herd. Ebony’s Joy is the model of the perfect female in design and shape. Add her production and she is fast becoming the best Simmental female in the breed.

- Homozygous Polled & Black. Sold to Scott Gonsior, Fullerton Nebraska

JDN Prairie Signature 19L

Signature 19L is truly a great producing female and the mother of our signature series. We would put this great female up against any. Her daughters are exceptional and will benefit the breed for a long time.

- Homozygous Polled & Black.

CAJS Elegant Force W24


Thank you to Cottage Lake Farms, AB and Boss Cattle, Nebraska for the purchase of CAJS Elegant Force W24

This baldy Steele Force daughter would be a welcome addition to any herd. We looked long and hard for one as good as her, and she does not disappoint.