CAJS Elegant Force W24

Registration: 2472284 • Tattoo: W24 BD: January 2, 2009

This baldy Steele Force daughter would be a welcome addition to any herd. We looked long and hard for one as good as her, and she does not disappoint.

          CNS DREAM ON L186
          SVF SHEZA BEAUTY L901

          GW LUCKY DICE 187H
Dam: JM DICE-H25-L24
          JM BF H25

CE BW WW YW MW Milk MCE Stay CW REA Fat Marb
8.6 0.1 59.3 91.3 42.9 13.3 13.5 11.6 24.5 0.94 0.000 -0.02

CAJS Elegant Force W24 (Yearling Picture) SLY ELLES POWER & ELEGANCE


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